I’m a Bit of a Bookworm

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”.-Maya Angelou

I don’t really remember a time when I didn’t love to read, in kindergarten I read and adored Luisa May Alcott’s “Little Women” I clung the story of a devoted resourceful family who made the most out of their circumstances. Perhaps it was that early that I learned books can teach us to hope. Unlike the March family I did not start out life in a loving and devoted my home,

My early existence was wrought with abuse and neglect enough so that it would have been easy to feel hopeless, but that is not my story…

In all great books we find “Overcomers.” Great writers write what they know. They write of pain, of hardship and of joy and laughter, they write of kindness and mistakes, and hatred and forgiveness. They write of life, truth and what they wish were the truth. In books the hero’s don’t have it easy, there is always a conflict sometimes seemingly insurmountable, and they use their wit and often sheer grit, To EARN their happy endings!

That’s probably the most important overall incite I’ve gotten from books: Victims Cant Be HERO’s. by victim I’m referring to those who have a victim mindset, This differs dramatically from the person who has had terrible things happen to them often through no fault of their own. To me the latter are “survivors“, and if they want it badly enough Thrivers! Victims have a need to be saved because they believe they are incapable of saving themselves.They need someone to tell them how to live and what they can or can’t become. To be a victim, is to give up your power!

Our history does not determine our destination! Through my love of reading (and listening) to great books I have found inspiration and tools, to help me create the life I want to live. Through scouring fairy-tales I developed a belief, that we can all have happy endings. Through reading tragic biographies, I learned to vicariously apply resilience and to find hope in some of the darkest places. Books have taught me about redemption. In their pages I’ve condemned and grieved and felt such extreme comfort, I have hated and loved and found pieces of myself.

Through the wisdom of writers, I have cultivated a better life for myself. Not one filled with luxuries, and fame. Not one void of struggle or heartache but one in which I wake up every day with the knowledge that I define me. That my values and passions are my own. That if something doesn’t work, I can find a way to fix it. That its never to late to create something wonderful!

My hope is that in this blog, you will find hope and encouragement, that you will find solace in knowing that others have been where you are. That you will never ever give up on yourself. That you will as I have done, be inspired my those who went before us, and then go inspire those who come next!