Hi, and welcome to my Blog!

Here is a candid picture of me in my happy place.

In my experiences first as a foster child and later as a foster parent, I found that a lot of well meaning people don’t really understand our walk in life. I wanted to share my stories and thoughts and encouragment as someone who has been in Similar SHOES and now lives a life so very different that all of that!

In a nutshell I want to help others GET TO B. For example if A is Rock Bottom (due to circumstances of your own making or not) and “C’ is uber celebrity star status. I want to help you reach B which I think of as “a BETTER life” Too many people get stuck in their pasts and achive only what is expected of them. I want to help you be more!

I’v been so fortunate to have found my way to happy. Despite a ton of obstacles I have a beautiful son, a husband who adores me, two crazy dogs and some chickens. We own our cute little MCM fixer-upper. My life is filled with the things I love. My passions are storytelling and mentoring and I get to do both as a childrens theater director. This blog is my small attempt to change the world for foster former youth and all who really want to Rise!

Please follow me on these platforms and spread the word!

Let’s build something together.

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